The ways we identify, attract and engage talent continues to evolve. And so must we. Our talent acquisition consultants will work with you to design a talent attraction strategy, optimise your recruitment process, and support you with transitioning departing team members out of your business.

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Talent attraction

Competition for great team members is high, with many organisations fishing from the same talent pool. With our talent advisory solutions, we’ll help you understand the current talent landscape in our industries, present a clear employee value proposition (EVP) and create a strategy to engage the best candidates.

Our goal is to ensure you have the expertise and tools to ensure people have a great experience – from the moment they apply to the time they move onto their next chapter.

  • EVP and brand audit
    We’ll review your EVP against the marketplace to ensure it accurately represents your organisation to potential talent.

  • Sourcing channel optimisation
    We’ll audit your approach to marketing employment opportunities, and advise on the best sourcing platforms based on your objectives and budget.

  • Talent mapping
    We’ll develop a long-term talent acquisition strategy for your business based on a comprehensive understanding of the current talent landscape.

  • Salary benchmarking
    We’ll review your salary structures against the market to identify any misalignment that may be impacting your labour costs or employee turnover.

Recruitment process review & optimisation

The recruitment process begins the moment someone expresses interest in working with you.

Whatever the outcome, when you’re working with us as your talent consultant, we’ll ensure the process is optimised so it runs efficiently and delivers a positive experience for everyone.

  • Process audit and optimisation
    Our full recruitment process audit is designed to identify, evaluate and measure ways to improve your current recruitment process.

  • Recruitment and assessment technology
    We’ll help you navigate the HR and recruitment tech landscape so you can take advantage of platforms that support and automate a seamless recruitment process.

  • Hiring manager training
    Our training ensures your hiring manager delivers legislative compliance, best practice interview techniques and a consistently positive candidate experience.

  • Talent and line collaboration
    Talent teams and line mangers both play a critical role in the recruitment process. Ensuring responsibilities are defined and communication is clear is critical to a candidate experience. We can help you optimise this. After all, teamwork makes the dream work.

​Career transition & outplacement

An exiting employee means a transition period for the company too. Connecting them with an industry specialist can help them navigate the challenges of securing their next role, and maintain a positive relationship with your organisation.

  • Exit Interviews
    Utilise Aspect’s expertise in best practice exit interviews to gather critical insights, while enabling your departing employee to provide feedback via an objective and independent platform.

  • Action plan
    We’ll help our client define their career goals, value statement and market position, and develop an action plan to move them in the right direction.

  • CV design
    Our industry-specific design ensures our client’s CV reflects their experience and value, ensuring it will stand out to their target market.

  • Navigating opportunities
    Whether it’s navigating job boards, LinkedIn, social media or networking events, our talent consulting solutions provide our client with a strategy and skills to identify their next opportunity, and engage with their new employer.

  • Interview preparation and coaching
    It may have been a long time between interviews. We’ll help prepare and train our client to ensure they put their best foot forward in the interview process.

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