Finding the right talent for your business means more than dropping a few names or posting an ad online. Our talent acquisition specialists are here to design and manage a recruitment process that ensures a great experience and outcome for everyone involved.


Discovering your organisation.

First, we’ll want to understand the ins and outs of your business, the kind of people that make your company hum, and what the role you’re recruiting for looks like now, and in the future. Then we’ll agree on a plan for our services, including timeframes and milestones.


Leaving no stone unturned.

Once we know who you’re looking for, we’ll set to work on finding them with a targeted marketing campaign, and by assessing the candidate networks we’ve been building since 2008. When we find a good fit, we’ll get them engaged with both the opportunity and your organisation.


Presenting a shortlist.

After a thorough review of all potential candidates, we’ll provide you with our recommended shortlist of those best suited to the role, and your company. We’ll also take the time to provide feedback to candidates who aren’t progressing to the next stage. It’s just polite.


Getting across the line.

Happy with your shortlist? We’ll coordinate all the interviews, discuss any feedback we get and make any further investigations you need to make a confident decision. Once you’ve chosen your new team member, we’ll support you with contract negotiations to ensure a positive result for everyone.


Keeping everyone happy.

Signing an employment contract isn’t the end. We maintain a relationship with you and your new employee to make sure everyone’s expectations are being met. Over the first few months of their employment, we’ll be in regular contact to make sure things are heading in the right direction.


Learning from feedback.

Once the dust has settled, we’ll review the process with you to see how we can improve our approach with your next hire. We love receiving feedback on your experience and bouncing ideas around about how we can do an even better job next time around.

Our commitments to you:

We’ll always give you honest advice.

We’ll never oversell a candidate’s capabilities.

We won’t forward the details of any candidate without their consent.

We do our due diligence by screening and reference checking all candidates.

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