1555 items for Fitted For Work!

6405 1555 Items For Fitted For Work

Last year we collected 1154 articles of women’s corporate clothing, and this year we have collected a massive 1555!

While we didn’t reach our target of 2000, we are thrilled to have increased our collection!

On Friday we dropped off our donation to the Fitted for Work office, at the Women’s Centre on Lonsdale Street. This year we had to hire a van just to transport all the boxes!

The Fitted for Work staff were already having a busy day with their monthly ‘Conscious Closet’ sale, but were very grateful to receive the donations and helped us to trolley them from the van up to the boutique.

With 350,000 women currently registered as for looking for work in Australia, Fitted for Work is an Australian charity that provides advice, interview preparation and a personal outfitting service to disadvantaged women in order to help them to secure work.

A huge thank you to our generous clients for contributing to such a great cause, and to Guardian Storage for their boxes – we couldn’t have done it without you!

To find out more about Fitted for Work please visit their website http://www.fittedforwork.org/