Aspect turns 10!

Aspect Turns 10

​We’re celebrating Aspect’s 10th birthday, but what are we actually celebrating?

I’ve run some stats.

In the last 10 years we’ve helped over 3,800 people further their careers and supported over 470 organisations to grow.

We take responsibility for building careers and value our people as our number one asset. We’ve helped 37 people directly develop their careers and had one hell of a time along the way. It’s nice to know the Aspect business has also supported staff in achieving their own goals. Whether it be buying a car, buying a house, or hitting up Miami for a long weekend, it’s rewarding to know we’ve helped our team along their own personal journeys.

With business success we also take responsibility for the impact we have on the wider community. We’ve been fortunate to share our success by donating over 2000 hours and raising over $125,000 for worthy causes. We’ve helped 2 young people get out of nursing homes, a 13-year-old girl go to high school with her mates, and we’ve built a science lab at a school in Kenya.

But that’s just the highlight reel… It hasn’t all been smooth sailing. There are some key people who’ve helped us make it here today.

10 years ago, I pitched Aspect to my father. I drove out to meet him at a café in Romsey, and I pitched him as to why investing in a recruitment business founded by 21-year-old with 2 years’ industry experience was a good idea. To this day, I am not sure if I ever nailed the proposal, but what I do know is that Dad and Mum have been hugely supportive of myself and the Aspect journey. I also know that if my parents were not so encouraging about the initial idea, I’d would have never had the confidence to start Aspect and the business would not exist today.

Our partners and families play a huge role in the passion, energy and drive we all have for Aspect and our careers which makes all the difference. My wife Amy has been hugely supportive and important in the success of Aspect and I know that Aspect sometimes feels like the first child that Amy never wanted – a child that takes my attention away from our actual children and from her. Her tolerance of my distraction and absenteeism to pursue my passion in an industry I love so much, I most certainly don’t take for granted.

The phrase “champagne and razorblades” is overused in the recruitment industry for a reason. We have good days and we have bad days, and as hard as we try, I know we bring our work home with us. I’d like to thank the families and partners of our team for riding the rollercoaster with us. They are the cheer squad, the mentors, the moral guidance and most important support team in our business success.

Our suppliers have helped grow our business and provided us with exceptional service year on year. We literally wouldn’t be the team we are without our business partners. You guys might not have the Aspect logo on your business cards, but to us you feel like the part of the team and we consider you an extension of the Aspect family.

But my biggest debt of gratitude is to our team - the A-Team, the A-Crew, the Aspectarians, is our genuine point of difference and the proudest achievement of my career. The business we have built - our brand, our reputation, our culture however is a testament to the incredible people that have built the Aspect business to where it is today and those who will take it to new levels into the future.

You guys are plain and simply the favourite part of my job.

As our business continues to grow and we push out further from our safe zone, the waves around us continue to rise. I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by an awesome crew - inside and outside our office. I know that journey may not always be an easy one, but it’s definitely going to be a rewarding one, and whole lot of fun.

Cheers! To 10 years!

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