Aspect’s first trainee graduates from our in-house recruitment consultant program Q&A with Elefteria Tharapos

Aspects First Trainee Graduates From Our In House Recruitment Consultant Program Q And A With Elefteria Tharapos

​At Aspect, people development is one of our core values and we take it pretty seriously. We’re committed to working with each team member to leverage their strengths, identify their passions, and help them build a rewarding and successful career in recruitment.

It is our mission to develop career recruiters, so this year, we developed Aspect’s Trainee Program which would allow us to engage enthusiastic, talented and driven individuals, keen to embark on a career in recruitment. The Trainee Program not only allows us ‘grow our own’, it also means we are investing in the advancement of the recruitment industry.

The talented Elefteria Tharapos joined our architecture and design team in January as our first Trainee Consultant; and we are extremely excited to announce that she was not only promoted to Associate Consultant in June, her promotion was fast tracked due to her hard work and dedication.

Terri has kindly given us some insight into her journey on the program and we wanted to share her success, highlights and tips for future trainees!

Tell us a little about your career prior to joining Aspect

I completed a degree in fashion and started my career in the fashion and retail industry. I worked for a few years in retail management, and while I loved the interaction with people, I craved a role where I could make a difference. When I came across an opportunity in retail recruitment, I jumped at it. Fast forward 12 months later and I came across the Aspect Trainee opportunity.

What attracted you to the Aspect Trainee Program?

Having been in a candidate management role for just under a year, I wanted to expand my skills and explore my options within the industry. The opportunity to develop my recruitment experience and a 360 approach, while learning about a completely different creative industry really drew me to the role.

I felt it would give me the opportunity to further develop the skills I already had and build my career from there. The Aspect training program had a clear progression pathway which outlined the process and end goal which was another key attraction!

How have you found being our first trainee?

Being the first trainee was both nerve-racking and exciting! Nerve-racking because I didn’t want to fail something that had never been done before - I wanted to set a good example and really take advantage of the opportunity I was given.

But mostly it was exciting! I was faced with challenges, but I was also faced with such a supportive and motivating team, where each employee took me under their wing and really took the time to guide me to success. Overall it’s been one of the greatest career decisions I have made.

What have been your highlights?

I think the highlights have been the amazing opportunities and experiences I’ve been exposed to from day one. Although it is a traineeship, you aren’t treated any differently to any other consultant. I have been involved in some great industry events, valuable external training sessions and the opportunity to get out there and connect with lots of candidates and clients. The biggest highlight has been the overall company culture. Aspect is such an inspiring and fun place to work, with never ending social events and CSR initiatives. Each bit of progress feels like you have achieved something great!

What have been your key learnings?

I think learning happens every day throughout the traineeship. To be honest I am still learning. The biggest thing I have learnt is the importance of genuine and honest relationships within the industry. I have also been exposed to temp recruitment which was completely new for me. I can’t put into words the how much I have truly learnt in less than six months.

What piece of advice would you offer Aspect’s next Trainee Consultant? 

My advice to the next Trainee Consultant would be to trust the process and take in all that Aspect has to offer. Come in here open minded and open hearted. There is no such thing as failure, only opportunities. Ask questions, LOTS of questions and believe in yourself. Everyone is here to support you so don’t be afraid to speak up and make the most of your traineeship! The results are something to really be excited about!

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