2020 PACE sales raise $13,432 for local charity – Syndromes Without A Name

2020 Pace Sales Raise 13432 Dollars For Local Charity Syndromes Without A Name

​In January we released our newly revamped PACE Survey, with reimagined and updated questions in order to provide the best market intel to the Victorian built and natural environment.

We are proud of the benefits this market intel brings to readers, but we are equally proud (and grateful) for the difference the PACE Survey brings to people in need of our support.

We have been overwhelmed with the continued generosity of the PACE Survey community, who this year have raised $13,432 for local charity Syndromes Without A Name (SWAN Australia).

SWAN Australia is a not-for-profit organisation supporting families who have a child with an undiagnosed or rare genetic condition. SWAN children are unique, and nobody can predict what the future holds for them.

A SWAN child naturally requires an incredible amount of attention, focus and time from their parents that often comes at a cost to their typically developing siblings. So money raised from the sale of the 2020 PACE Survey will fund the SWAN Siblings Program – providing additional support to siblings of SWAN children. The support group addresses feelings of isolation, teaching coping mechanisms and improving confidence. Most importantly it provides a network and safe place for siblings to share emotions guided by an experienced program leader.

Thank you to everybody who has contributed to making the PACE Survey what it is today. Whether it be time, energy, or money, we could not have achieved this incredible outcome without your participation!