10 predictions for the job market in 2022

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We've come out the other side of another year of lockdowns and unpredictability. With 2021 now behind us, what does 2022 have in store? We can’t know for certain what recruitment will look like, but we have some predictions for what lies ahead.

Here's what we believe 2022 will look like:

1. The way we work is changing

Over the past two years, how we work has changed dramatically and it looks like some of these changes are here to stay. The 9-5 is no more and employees will keep embracingflexible working. Hybrid working is now the norm and will continue to be. It’ll be rare for someone to work in the office five days a week every week.

2. The office is changing

With less people being in the office on any given day, many companies are looking to downsize and alter the way they use the space. Look out for remodelling of office spaces and the introduction ofhotdesking, if it’s not already being utilised. The office may become the place for team collaboration, rather than day to day business tasks, like sending emails. People will be going to the office for a purpose. 

3. Virtual spaces will grow

As more people work online, there may be more time and effort out into developing virtual spaces to keep employees together. It’ll save travel time and keep allow for technology to keep advancing. 

4. Resignations will come

People are tired from the last two years and may be looking for a change of scenery. This might be a different company, industry, or location. This will result in higher turnover.

5. Continued talent shortages 

The demand for excellent talent will remain high and supply will remain low with more people leaving Australia than arriving. Expect companies to focus on “building their own” and increasing graduate/trainee recruitment. 

6. Companies will work hard to differentiate their Employee Value Proposition

You’ll likely seethe benefits offered to staff evolve in an effort to attract and retain talent. It’s likely employers will ask for more feedback to help them create benefit and engagement Companies are expected to also increase their investment into employer branding to stand apart from other companies in the same industries. 

7. More focus on skills, less focus on roles

With the talent shortage it’s expected that employers will pay more attention at soft skills, such as good communication, and the ability to work quickly, when hiring. In the past these skills may have been overlooked as hard skills were the top priority. 

8. Increased investment in training and upskilling staff

Similarly with focusing on soft skills, it’s likely that employers will put a focus on training and upskilling the staff they already have. This may help retain staff and will help with the talent shortage. 

9. Employers will prioritise diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion has been a priority for many businesses for a while, but it’s expected that this willonly become even more of a priority. 

10. Twists and turns will inevitably continue

Don’t worry though, organisations will be better prepared and acclimatised to respond to anything thrown their way. Expect to see more agility and willingness to try new things from businesses as workplaces and attitudes towards work change. Businesses have learned a great deal in the past few years which will help them navigate whatever 2022 has in store.  


2022 is likely to be another interesting year and the market is likely to change and evolve as things around the world develop. We can all hope for a smoother year and more adaption to how the workplace and recruitment is evolving.