How to Find Your Most Productive Time of Day

How To Find Your Most Productive Time Of Day

Everyone is productive at different times and Daniel H. Pink’s theory from his book When (2018) of chronotypes (larks, third-bird and owl) can help you figure what time of day you’re most productive. Are you a lark, third-bird or and owl? Let’s find out.

What is a chronotype?

Basically, it’s the scientific term for your internal clock. Everyone has one, and they’re all different. It affects things like when you’re most creative, most focused, and best time to fall asleep.

What types of chronotypes are there?

There are three categories of chronotypes:

    • Larks: generally morning people

    • Third-birds: day people (typically 9-5 people)

    • Owl: night people

Here’s a simple way to figure out which one you are:

On a day that you don’t have any obligations to get you out of bed:

    • What time do you normally go to bed?

    • What time do you normally wake up?

    • What’s the midpoint between those two times?

If you go to bed at 11pm and wake at 8am, then your midpoint is 4am.

Wherever your midpoint number lands in the times below, is what chronotype you are.

    • 12am – 3am: Lark

    • 3.30am – 5am: Third-bird

    • 6am – 12pm: Owls

Knowing which chronotype you are may help you in scheduling your work tasks. If you’re a lark or third-bird, then you should try and plan your high focus tasks earlier in the day, and more mindless tasks in the afternoon. The opposite is better for owls, so more mindless tasks earlier and focus tasks later in the day.