• ​“The PACE Survey data is the most relevant for our business. The report is really simple to read and interpret, and is a great source of information when conducting our annual benchmarking and remuneration reviews.”

    Megan Howell

    Megan Howell , People and Culture Manager, Spiire Australia

  • ​“We love our team and we work really hard to continually explore opportunities for our team and business to grow. PACE has and continues to be a valuable tool we use to assess the market and we value that the information comes direct from leading firms across the sector.”

    Andrew Lanarus

    Andrew Lanarus , Director, Human Habitats

  • ​“Mesh Planning has been a proud supporter of The PACE Survey over the past few years. The survey provides amazingly up-to-date and transparent information about market and salary conditions – information that is just not that easy to come by! We have found that participating in the survey each year is well worth the effort. After all, our people are our most important asset and the Pace Survey helps us confidently navigate the delicate world of HR and staff remuneration as competitively as possible. We thank Aspect for taking the time to pull together this report each year, and we look forward to further contributing.”

    Leah Wittingslow

    Leah Wittingslow , Associate Director, MESH Planning

  • "Ratio has been contributing to and benefiting from The PACE Survey for several years now. It is a valuable reference point for salary reviews, new appointments, and generally gauging how we sit competitively in our market. The report is thorough, and contains data from many companies, making it a truly representative sample of the market."

    Peter McKelvie

    Peter McKelvie , Managing Director, Ratio Consultants

  • ​“The PACE survey is easy and quick to complete, and we find the results to be an invaluable guide to benchmark salaries across the planning industry.”

    Adam Terrill

    Adam Terrill , Senior Principal Town Planner, Tract Consultants

  • ​"Beveridge Williams has taken part in the PACE survey for a number of years now and we have always found it to be very informative. The data gained from the report provides us with useful and reliable information to assist us in determining current market salary levels and ensures we remain fair and competitive. Furthermore, Beveridge Williams is pleased that 100% of the proceeds from the PACE report goes to charity."

    Grant Hailes

    Grant Hailes , Managing Director, Beveridge Williams

  • ​“LD Eng has been proud to be part of the PACE Survey over the past three years. Many of the ideas have been incorporated into our workplace culture to ensure we are delivering flexible workplace benefits that are relevant in the current marketplace and attract the best people. It’s also great to help out a charity where we can. Looking forward to see what the results show this year!”

    Karl Rogers

    Karl Rogers , Managing Director, LD Eng

  • ​“Over the past few years I have participated in the PACE survey on behalf of my previous employer in the architectural industry. In my opinion, the data of a survey such as PACE serves as a useful knowledge sharing/benchmarking tool for, not only salaries but other HR & business practices within the industry. Unlike some other survey results, the data is clear and easy to interpret at a glance. Now working in Engineering, I will continue to be part of the survey and use the results to benchmark from a slightly different perspective.”

    Penny Wade

    Penny Wade , HR Manager, Irwinconsult

  • ​“We found the PACE survey report to be an essential tool for benchmarking salaries within our industry. The report is detailed and insightful, providing us with verifiable data by which to assess our annual salary reviews. Kleinfelder is also happy to support Aspect’s charity of choice through this innovative donation scheme.”

    Matt Taylor

    Matt Taylor , Business & HR Manager, Kleinfelder

  • ​“We have found the PACE Salary Survey to be a very useful tool in our benchmarking process, containing data for multiple roles and experience levels across each of our disciplines.”

    Kate Anderson

    Kate Anderson , Culture & Engagement Manager, Taylors

  • ​“We have found the data in the PACE Survey valuable as a benchmark to ensure that we are remunerating our staff fairly and in line with their value and performance.”

    Grant Holman

    Grant Holman , Melbourne Office Manager, Director, Wood & Grieve Engineers

  • ​“ClarkeHopkinsClarke has subscribed to The PACE Survey for the past three years and we find it a valuable resource for our HR Administration. The information collated from our Peer Group is relevant, concise and well presented - with great graphics. Congratulations and thanks to Aspect Personnel."

    Robert Goodliffe

    Robert Goodliffe , Partner, ClarkeHopkinsClarke

  • ​“Watson Young have contributed to the PACE Survey since 2014 and each year find it a fantastic insight into the heartbeat and activity of the design and construction industry in Victoria.”

    Adrian Young

    Adrian Young , Director, Watson Young Architects

  • ​“Aspect Personnel’s PACE Report provides an effective snapshot of the industry with regards to market conditions and predictions across recruitment trends and best practices for employee salaries, flexibility and benefits. It’s a valuable benchmarking tool that collects and analyses a broad range of industry data that assists us in our decision making.”

    Huy Chau

    Huy Chau , Executive Manager, DuoProjects

  • ​“The PACE Salary Survey is a great general overview of the industry and the industry standard salaries from junior level through to senior management. We have used it as a comparative for measuring existing staff salaries and salaries of new staff coming into the business. It’s a tool that I would highly recommend to any construction-related business looking to measure themselves against the industry standard salaries.”

    Anthony Flynn

    Anthony Flynn , Construction Manager, APM Group