Whether you’re starting the job search, negotiating a salary or resigning from your current role, our job seeker resources are designed to help you be prepared, feel confident and achieve a successful outcome.

Mastering Your Job Search: Key Steps for Success

Looking for a job can be exciting. It can also be time-consuming and a little laborious if it’s not well planned and managed. These eight steps will help you navigate the job search process effectively.

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How to write your best resume

Hiring managers spend an average of six seconds looking at your resume. Our top tips will help you maximise this limited time and showcase what you can offer a potential employer.

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Tips for conquering the cover letter

A great cover letter can give you an edge in the application process and increase your chances of securing an interview. We break down the art of the cover letter, paragraph by paragraph.

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How to create a killer LinkedIn profile

Creating an effective LinkedIn profile is a great way to get noticed by prospective employers. These top 10 tips for creating an engaging profile will make people want to find out more.

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Interview tips and common questions

You’ve made it to interview stage – now it’s time to sell yourself. Get tips on will what you might be asked, questions you should pose, and how to show your best self on the day.

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How to negotiate a job offer

Reaching an offer that everyone’s happy is key to ensuring a good relationship with your new employer. Our top 10 tips will help you reach a positive outcome in a professional manner.

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How to resign the right way

Resigning can be a daunting task, but there’s a right way to go about it. From making the decision to rejecting a counter offer, here are our top 5 tips on making the process easier.

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What to do if you receive a counter offer

If your employer tries to change your mind about resigning, it’s important to understand the shortfall of accepting a counter offer, and how navigate it graciously so you leave on a positive note.

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