Do You Know What the Four Ds of Productivity Are?

Do You Know What The Four Ds Of Productivity Are

​Save time and avoid stress by mastering the Four Ds of Productivity: Do, Delegate, Defer and Delete. Here’s how.


    • Tackle tasks that require immediate attention and can be completed swiftly

    • Focus on urgent and important tasks that contribute directly to your goals or have pressing deadlines

    • Avoid distractions and concentrate solely on completing the task at hand


    • Identify tasks that can be assigned to others.

    • Understand your team's strengths and distribute responsibilities accordingly

    • Ensure clear communication to empower others to contribute and free up your time for critical tasks


    • Prioritise tasks based on their immediate or long-term impact

    • Assign a suitable timeline for completing non-urgent, yet important tasks

    • Regularly review and reassess deferred tasks to avoid neglecting them indefinitely


    • Evaluate your workload and identify tasks or commitments that no longer serve a purpose or align with your goals

    • Eliminate unnecessary clutter by letting go of non-essential tasks, projects, or unproductive habits

    • Create space for activities that truly matter and boost overall productivity and fulfillment

If you think you might find it difficult to implement all four, start with one and build your way up.