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Tom Skevington, Manager of our Construction recruitment team, provides his observations and predictions from the 2023 PACE Survey for the Victorian Construction industry.


    • Salaries continued to rise above the rate of inflation in 2022. The key reasons for staff receiving increased salaries were for performance, promotion and fear or resignation.

    • The 2021 PACE survey predictions of a busy year were accurate with 80% of construction companies seeing an increase or significant increase in business activity.

    • 2021 saw a historically rigid industry demonstrate it can be flexible. It’s been proven that it wasn’t temporary as in 2023:

      • 62% of construction companies are allowing staff to work from home

      • 46% are offering flexible working hours

      • 59% are now offering a five-day working week to Site Staff

      • 88% of companies didn’t see a drop in productivity due to flexibility offerings


    • Construction industry insolvencies have climbed to a nine year high, and we expect the ‘boom and bust’ style market to continue, presenting both risk and opportunity to job seekers and business owners.

    • Salaries won’t continue to soar at the same rate they have in recent years. We expect an increase of 4.7% for 2023/2024, which is below the rate of inflation for the first time in 10 years.

    • Commercial staff will become even more valuable in an economically challenging market.

    • We’ve already seen an increase in long-term temporary and contract hires to combat the lack of certainty around where the projects will be.

    • Flexibility is here to stay, and the construction industry will continue to develop and push outside of their comfort zone.

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