How a relationship with a recruiter can benefit you over the life of your career

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Recruiters aren’t only beneficial when you’re actively on the job hunt, they can assist you throughout your entire career. Building a relationship with a recruiter can not only propel your career as you transition between roles, it can also provide you value with getting the most out of your current role, further contributing to your career success.

Here are some specific ways a relationship with a recruiter can benefit you over your career journey:

Not having to re-introduce yourself every time

When you develop a long-term relationship with a recruiter, you won’t have to introduce yourself every time you want to have a conversation with a recruiter. You may be interested in market opportunities or want to understand your market value ahead of a performance review. With an established relationship, your recruiter is already familiar with your experience, capabilities and motivations – saving you having to explain them every time. You’ll also be getting a better return on that first impression you make!

Building trust with an industry expert to support your career

A good recruiter can offer unbiased and expert career guidance. When we seek advice, we often seek it from someone we trust. Our first point of call is often friends and family – because we trust them. Trust takes time to build and, when you have it, makes advice shared so much more valuable. 

While I am not suggesting you should strive for the same level of trust that you have with loved ones, the trust you build with a recruiter over time (coupled with their expertise) can make the information and advice they share a whole lot more useful.

Keeping an ear to the ground

Often the best role to progress your career isn’t available in the window that you are actively looking for work. Sometimes that once in a lifetime opportunity becomes available when you are happily working away in your current role or enjoying a holiday. 

Developing along-term relationship with a recruiter and ensuring they know where you want to take your career allows them to keep an ear to the ground for opportunities that will support you and your career journey. Avoid FOMO knowing that you’ll be kept in the loop on suitable opportunities as and when they become available. 

Know your market

Good recruiters don’t just know what jobs are available, they also have a deep understanding of the market too. They can be a good source of market intelligence that may support your success. What does the competitive landscape look like?How are employee value propositions evolving? What does workplace flexibility look like in the industry? What is your current value in the market?

By understanding the context in which your role and company is operating within, they can support both your role and organisation. This information is accurate, readily available, and free.

A good recruiter also knows their clients.

You’re helping us to a better job

It seems only fair that we admit to the fact that a long term, trusted relationship is of benefit to the recruiter as well. We are engaged by companies to find them the best talent available. The stronger our relationship with you, the quicker and more accurately we are able to identify the best and most suitable person for the role. 

If you are looking to connect or reconnect with a good recruiter, find an industry expert here. We are not just here to help you find your next job, we are here to support your career success in any way we can.