Available Planning & Design Candidates in Melbourne


​Principal Strategic Planner

23 years' experience with Local Government VIC . Experience with Regional and Metro councils. Been a Coordinator, Manager, Principle.

    • Available now

    • Looking for contract roles

    • Lives Northern Suburbs Melbourne

Enquire Candidate Ref: 7870559

Principle Urban Planner

Over 15 years experience in Statutory & Strategic Planning . Has experience with leading a team . Private and State government experience.

    • Available November 2023

    • Looking for long contract roles

    • Lives West Melbourne suburbs

Enquire Candidate Ref: 67503014

Statutory Planner

Nearly 1 year experience as a para planner with State Gov . Eager to step into a Statutory Planning position Band 5 . Hybrid role.

    • Available now

    • Contract work

    • Lives North Melbourne

Enquire Candidate Ref: 63519303

​Manager Statutory Planning

Over 20 years experience in Statutory Planning. Experience in leadership roles/Metro & Regional . Hybrid role.

    • Available now

    • Full time hours/ Open to contract/perm

    • Lives South Melbourne

Enquire Candidate Ref: 6069990

​Principle Landscape Architect/Urban Designer

36 years' experience in VIC and overseas. Experience in public and private sector. Experience in Urban Design, Landscape Architecture and PM.

    • Available now

    • Looking for contract work

    • Lives East Melbourne

Enquire Candidate Ref: 14682235

​Senior Statutory Planner

5 years experience as a statutory planner . Experience in private & public sector . All experience here in VIC . Hybrid role.

    • Available now

    • Looking for contract work

    • Lives S/E Suburbs Melbourne

Enquire Candidate Ref: 60280493

​Senior Statutory Planner

8 years' experience here is VIC in local council and private sector. Extensive experience writing reports for different VIC councils.

    • Available with 1 weeks notice

    • Wants overflow report writing work to do remotely

    • Wants remote work

Enquire Candidate Ref: 28650504

​Senior Statutory Planner

10 years' VIC council experience. Available immediately for over flow report writing roles. Private and Public sector VIC experience.

    • Available now

    • Looking for overflow report writing roles

    • Needs remote work

Enquire Candidate Ref: 35476353

​Senior Statutory Planner

13 years' VIC experience as a Statutory Planner. Looking for overflow report writing work. Experience in Public and Private sector.

    • Available now

    • Looking for overflow report writing roles

    • Needs remote work

Enquire Candidate Ref: 38929815


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Planning & Design roles we recruit in Melbourne

Town Planning – Statutory Planning

  • Graduate Statutory Planner

  • Statutory Planner

  • Senior Statutory Planner

  • Principal Planner

  • Statutory Planning Coordinator

  • Team leader Statutory Planner

  • Report Writer Statutory Planner

  • Manager Statutory Planning

Town Planning – Strategic Planning

  • Graduate Strategic Planner

  • Strategic Planner

  • Senior Strategic Planner

  • Principal Strategic Planner

  • Strategic Planning Coordinator

  • Team Leader Strategic Planning

  • Manager Strategic Planner

Landscape Architecture

  • Graduate Landscape Architect

  • Junior Landscape Architect

  • Landscape Architect

  • Senior Landscape Architect

  • Principal Landscape Architect

  • Team leader Landscape Architect

  • Project Manager Landscape Architect

  • Manager Landscape Architect

Urban Design

  • Graduate Urban Designer

  • Junior Urban Designer

  • Urban Designer

  • Senior Urban Designer

  • Principal Urban Designer

  • Team Leader Urban Design

  • Project Manager Urban Design

  • Manager Urban Design


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