The Pace Survey Raises over $10,000 for YGAP!!

6317 The Pace Survey Raises Over 10000 For Ygap

​We are very pleased to announce that The 2014 Pace Survey has raised $10,000 for YGAP.

100% of the project’s revenue has been donated to YGAP to assist them in their goal to empower communities disadvantaged by poverty to become self-sustainable.

An enormous thank you to all those who donated to this year’s survey and to all those that helped us make the 2014 Pace Survey a reality!

Thanks to your generosity, we have supported:

– Providing assistance to over 1750 women that have experienced domestic abuse.

– The economic empowerment to 123 clients in Cambodia, 84% of whom now have a job.

– The running of the Ntenyo Community School in Rwanda which now proudly has a 100% success rate of passing the Primary Graduation National Exam.

If you are not familiar with the publication, The 2014 Pace Survey is a comprehensive report on salary levels, business conditions and HR practices across the Victorian Planning, Architecture, Construction and Engineering industries. The report is a 115 page, hard copy book that collates, analyses and reports on data gathered from over 200 companies within the above industries.

For more information on The Pace Survey and to order your copy, visit or e-mail us at

To find out more about YGAP, visit their website at