Recycle For Sight – we did it!

6766 Recycle For Sight We Did It

​In the run up to Christmas, and with the help of some generous clients, Aspect ran a collection drive for the “Recycle For Sight” charity program, run by The Lions Club.

Recycle For Sight distributes regraded spectacles, to many parts of the world, to humanitarian organisations for delivery to poor people in need – at no expense on the recipient.

At the launch of the drive we set a target of collecting 200 pairs of glasses by Christmas. I am absolutely delighted to report that we gathered 603 pairs!

David Hayter, a Lion’s Club representative, popped into the Aspect office today to pick up the collection. He was thrilled!

We take for granted the gift of sight, especially given that three quarters of vision impairment is either avoidable or treatable. But for those living in impoverished areas, these impairments can lead to vision loss and associated incidents and illnesses.

Thank you so much to all of those companies that helped us to smash our target! The glasses collected will have a dramatic impact on many people’s lives.

For more information, or to ensure that you are kept informed about Aspect’s next charitable drive, please contact / 03 9092 7209