Restoring dignity: Aspect team donate 360 hot showers to Melbourne’s homeless community

6986 Restoring Dignity Aspect Team Donate 360 Hot Showers To Melbournes Homeless Community

​Incentives are nothing new for recruitment agencies, with many firms using them to recognise and reward high performance amongst staff.

These perks are often self-centric – a gift certificate to a nice restaurant or a set of movie passes. But Aspect Personnel’s Public Sector Manager, Mark Parrent, thought his team would be equally motivated by the prospect of helping others as they would be about earning another perk for themselves.

Mark had recently read an article in The Age about One Voice. The not-for-profit organisation operates a mobile shower bus at Enterprise Park in Melbourne’s CBD four times a week, providing a safe place for disadvantaged people to get a hot shower and access hygiene products at no cost.

“Reading the article really resonated with me,” Mark said. “To think that something we take for granted like showering is such a struggle for so many people was an eye opener. I thought One Voice was really innovative and wanted to give my team an opportunity to get involved.”

“When we put One Voice as our incentive goal, our focus was not only on our commercial success, but on making a difference in the community right outside our office,” he said. “It was inspiring to see the team rise to the challenge and really get behind One Voice’s mission.”

In just three months, the three-person Public Sector team earned an incentive of $1,440. At $4 a shower, they were able to donate 360 showers to people experiencing homelessness in Melbourne.

“We’re grateful for the contribution of organisations like Aspect Personnel, who give back to their community,” said Josh Wilkins, Founder/CEO of One Voice. “People aren’t numbers. They’re human beings who deserve investment and giving them a place to shower is the first step.”