The 2017 PACE Survey funds the building of a classroom for kids in need

7451 The 2017 Pace Survey Funds The Building Of A Classroom For Kids In Need

​Like every other business, Aspect Personnel has a set of corporate values. One of those values is Responsibility, which we believe extends past our immediate stakeholders to include the broader community. I know what you’re thinking – standard commercial rubbish to mask the underbelly of corporate greed. However, I implore you to read on.

When our team came up with our company’s values, we made a deal with one another that we only get to talk about those values if we live them as well, that they wouldn’t become meaningless words on a company brochure.

Today we get to talk about, and celebrate, living our value of Responsibility.

5 years ago, our MD Matt Sampson, recognised an opportunity to add value to organisations operating within the Victorian Planning, Architecture, Construction and Engineering industries, by developing and distributing a market leading report. Covering HR and recruitment trends, business conditions as well as salaries, the hard copy report became known as The PACE Survey.

Unlike most industry reports which are sold for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, for commercial profit, it was decided from day one that PACE would be completely not-for-profit, with all proceeds being donated to an annual partner charity.

In the first 4 years, The PACE Survey raised over $46,000 for local, charitable funds to assist them in accomplishing their mission.

In 2017, The PACE Team wanted to do something a little different…

Enter One Heart Foundation, a Melbourne-based charity founded by Dean Landy of ClarkeHopkinsClarke. One Heart has created a village in Kenya where orphaned and abandoned children are cared for in a family environment, while also attending an on-site school. The school has won numerous national and international awards, and consistently ranks as one of the highest-performing schools in Kenya.

In 2017, PACE partnered with One Heart, with the aim of raising enough money to build a classroom in One Heart’s Kenyan village.

Today, we are incredibly proud to confirm that we have achieved our goal, with the 2017 PACE Survey raising $16,152.00 in funds to support One Heart.

This achievement represents the power of community. While Aspect Personnel is only a small business, we were able to recognise an opportunity to bring together a group of individuals and organisations to produce a report that not only provides critical market insights, but has the power to change the lives of a Kenyan community for years to come.

The PACE Classroom will be a permanent reminder of what you can do if your organisation’s values are more than just obligatory corporate jargon. Big change starts with a small difference. Today we made a big change, thanks to the power of many making a small difference, and we’re incredibly proud about it.

Thank you to everybody who has contributed to making The PACE Survey what it is today. Whether it be time, energy, or money, we could not have achieved this incredible feat without each and every one of you.

We are more excited than ever about next year’s survey and the change it will make. Until then, we have a classroom to build!