How to resign the right way

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​Resigning from a position is often a daunting task. It’s important to know why you’re leaving your company, to depart graciously and understand why it’s not a good idea to let your employer change your mind. Here are our top tips to make the process of how to resign easier.

1. Be confident about your decision

Before you resign, be sure about the decision you’re making. Why are you looking to move from your current job? Is there anything that your current employer can do to resolve your problems and change your mind? Be clear about why you’re resigning and remember this when you step into your manager’s office.

2. Stay professional

Unless your manager is expecting your resignation, their reaction may be unpredictable. Some managers may take it personally and become defensive. Others may give you reasons to stay. Whatever their reaction, clearly state your reasons for leaving and that you’d like to leave on good terms. Always be professional, even if your manager isn’t.

3. Do the right thing

Make sure you’ve reviewed your employment contract prior to resigning, and give your manager at least as much notice as you’re contractually obliged to. Do the right thing by your employer – remember, you may work with them again one day.

4. Avoid the counter offer trap

Counter offers come in many forms, like an increased salary, a promotion or a car-park. Think of the reasons why you resigned in the first place and whether the counter offer truly rectifies these problems. Nine times out of 10, a counter offer will act as a band-aid to the problem, but will not truly repair it.

5. Arrange your referees

Once you’ve resigned, speak to one or two people about acting as a referee for you. A referee should be someone who has worked directly with you for an extended period of time, and ideally someone who is more senior to you in the organisation.