The great realignment: An alternative to the great resignation

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We are now well and truly back into the swing of work for 2022. For many, the festive season provided not only an opportunity to take a breather and recharge the batteries, but also a chance to reflect and plan our goals for the new year. For some, a reassessment of their job may have been included in their review.

With all the articles out there on the Great Resignation, you'd be forgiven in thinking that the best way to advance your career at the moment is to resign and take on a new job. According to reports, that is what 48% of Australians are doing, or planning to do in the next 12 months.

The common perception, at the moment, seems to be that you have two options: to stay with a job that is not fulfilling or quit to find a new role. It may seem counterintuitive for a recruitment agency, but we actually feel there is a third option...

The Great Realignment.

Before taking any action, get clear on what your career goals are and really understand what you’re looking for. This is the time to consider exploring if this can be met by your current employer. Don’t underestimate the tenure, credibility, and brand you’ve built at the company.

Some examples we’re hearing from the market are: 

  1. Extra Training

    We all want to learn and grow in our careers. Perhaps there’s a specific program you want to be trained in and start using at work, or maybe there are some soft skills you want to strengthen. Training doesn’t only benefit the employee, it also benefits the company overall. 

  2. Promotion

    If you want more responsibility and challenges, you might like to discuss what your options are at your current company. It might give you a better idea of your current career path and more say about where it will go. 

  3. Change of responsibility

    Before looking for a new role at another company, look internally. Changing roles internally means you’ll still have your credibility and knowledge of the business to help you adjust and take ownership of a change of roles. 

  4. Higher salary

    Many companies haven’t given raises to employees over the past few years while things have been uncertain. Now that things are looking more stable, it’s a perfect time to talk about a raise. Be prepared discuss how your value in the role has increased since your last salary review. 

  5. More flexibility

    The way we work has changed greatly, but that isn’t to say that’s the way it’ll be forever. Flexibility can refer to lots of things, for example, where, when, and how we work. This is a great chance to consider if you want more flexibility in your role.

  6. Miscellaneous

    There’s likely to be other things you’re thinking about and wanting. Consider these and get clear about what you want and how you can achieve these at your current place of work. 

Progression has slowed over the last 2 years. There’s been a high level of unpredictability and it’s been hard for businesses to offer a linear trajectory for employees. The fog is lifting, and we can all get excited about more clarity for the future. This is a great time to have a conversation with your manager to discuss what your future at the company will look like and what’s feasible. 

It would be sad to leave a company that you love without having a conversation about other possibilities at that company.

If what you want isn’t feasible at your current employer, that’s when it’s time to get in contact with a recruiter and see what other opportunities are out there that will align with your career goals.