Flexibility and Benefits Melbourne Companies Are Offering

Aspect Personnel Blog — Flexibility and Benefits Melbourne Companies Are Offering

Perks and benefits play a huge role in choosing who to work for, and making us feel appreciated and valued at work. But what are companies are actively offering? We reached out to our clients and asked exactly this.

Conrad Gargett, have an array of perks, such as holding a staff ‘Architour’ every two years where all staff are invited to participate in a three-day trip to a city in Australia. Previous locations include Hobart in 2019 and Adelaide in 2022. In addition to this, they also have active wellness and social engagement committees that invite staff participation.

Bassett Lobaza Architects have been successfully implementing a nine-day fortnight for the last 10+ years. Everyone works 38 hours a week, and most people take every second Friday off to enjoy a long weekend.

At K2LD they empower their staff by allowing the team members to opt into a variety of committees such as sustainability, diversity, and design to name a few. As they have offices in Asia, they hold monthly online staff forums run by staff so everyone in the business can provide updates on initiatives, committee progress and project milestones. This creates a space for open, honest, and transparent communication across the board.

Other clients of ours have the perks of:

    • Summer hours where in the summer all staff finish early on a Friday to enjoy the sun

    • Purchased Annual Leave Policy

    • Days off for occasions such as birthdays and work anniversaries

    • Swapping public holidays to support their religious beliefs, e.g., taking the day off for Eid ul-Fitr and working on Easter Monday instead

    • Fully funded Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) where employees have access to mental health support such as counselling.

Flexible working, benefits and perks aren’t the be all and end all of a job, but they sure can help the experience be more enjoyable and fun. For more insights into what flexibility and benefits Victorian businesses are offering within the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Planning industries, plus up-to-date salary averages, download our free 2022 PACE Salary Guide & Market Report.