What Work-Life Balance Looks Like in 2023 According to Victorian Companies

What Work Life Balance Looks Like In 2023 According To Victorian Companies

Our 2023 PACE Report, where we survey our clients on workplace and market conditions, is hot off the digital press and here’s what Victorian companies are doing and saying about work life balance:

    • 89% of companies offer working from home as an option, and 81% offer flexible work hours.

    • For companies that offer hybrid working, 48% require staff to be in on certain days.

    • Of those companies that offer hybrid working, 43% have found it’s impacted their team positively and 39% say it hasn’t had an effect at all. This suggests that the hybrid model is here to stay throughout 2023 and beyond.

    • On average, companies want their employees in the office three days per week with the option to work from home for the other two.

    • The importance of health and wellbeing at work has been highlighted over the past few years and 69% of our clients offer health and wellbeing initiatives or practices. The most popular initiative or practice offered is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with mental health leave the second most popular offered.

For more insights into what Flexibility and Benefits Victorian companies are offering, you can download the free 2023 PACE Salary Guide & Market Report.

PACE also offers:

    • Salary levels for over 360 industry-related roles (incl. Business Support)

    • Current market conditions and predictions for 2023

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