5 Reasons Now Is the Time to Hire Temps in the Victorian Construction Market

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With increasing uncertainty of project pipelines in the Victorian Construction market, Temps can provide the agility you may need. Here are 5 reasons to consider hiring a temp for your next project.

1. Temp staff provide flexibility for uncertain project pipelines, avoiding post-project redundancies.

    • Temporary and contract staff can provide support when there are needs for additional staff now, but you’re unsure of the project pipeline ahead.

    • Resource projects properly without running the risk of redundancies once the initial project is complete.

2. Cost-effective solution for short-term projects, especially during high-risk project phases with limited budgets.

    • Employing temporary or contract staff is often the economical choice when recruiting for short-term positions or projects.

    • You may see the benefit of hiring additional resource during high-risk or high-value phases of a project, but not have the budget to hire someone for the entire project lifecycle.

3. Temps can offer specialised skills for specific tasks and projects.

    • The temporary work force are often specialists in a certain field i.e Structures or Finishes due to the nature of contractors often being employed to perform specific tasks for a short period of time.

    • Ideally, we always want to be Investing in our staff through training and development, but we don’t always have the capacity, or the knowledge gap can be too far to bridge in a certain time frame. If your project requires a skillset your current team doesn’t have, a temporary candidate could provide short term expertise.

4. Hire local temps for regional projects without relocating permanent Melbourne staff.

    • With regional areas such as Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo booming, it isn’t always reasonable or sustainable to put Melbourne-based staff on projects for long periods of time.

    • Bringing in a local set of hands could allow you to deliver a project without relocating a site manager, which, in turn could maintain the happiness of your full-time staff, not jeopardise the quality or status of other projects.

5. Temps quickly address immediate project needs and cover staff leave.

    • A new project is won at short notice, and you require immediate assistance, temporaries are an ideal short-term solution to ensure workloads are completed while you recruit a permanent employee.

    • Our 2023 PACE Report found it takes construction companies an average of 5.8 weeks to fill a vacancy. A temporary candidate could alleviate the pressures of making snap judgements on permanent candidates due to time constraints.

    • Temps can also cover annual, sick or parental leave for invaluable staff members.

With Construction Industry insolvencies at a 10-year high and unemployment rates expected to rise to 4.5%, there is a growing immediately available workforce. Immediately available perm candidates are a valuable commodity in a fast-moving market, but often come with the question – why are they immediate? Contract placements give you the opportunity to trial a candidate to ensure the fit for your business.

If you're looking to expand your Commercial or Civil Construction team, whether it be with temp or permanent staff, get in touch and we can discuss your specific requirements. You can also view a sample of our current available temps here:

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