5 reasons to hire in December

5 Reasons To Hire In December

​With twice as many people changing jobs in January than any other time of the year – Christmas time is actually a great time to recruit. My advice: be proactive versus reactive and start thinking about your required resources at least 4-6 weeks ahead. 5 reasons you should activate the hiring process now…

1. Less Competition

Take advantage of the fact that most of your competition believe Christmas is a quiet time year.  Most organisations will focus their attention on wrapping up projects, attending functions, and dreaming of the 2-week shut down period. 

Let the others be preoccupied with the festive season while you get in front of the people on your wish list - post that job, share your plans for the new year with your recruiter and stand out from the crowd by getting in first.

2. More Availability

Many employees have more time on their hands as their projects wrap up or stall over the Christmas period. This means they have more time to meet you, respond to emails, and to network.

During a busy period can be difficult when they have their hands full.

Reaching out to potential recruits, before the break is a great time to get in front of them when they can take time to fully consider a new opportunity.

3. You will be seen

With less competition in the market place, an approach will have more cut through and marketing will be seen more visibly.

Use the time to appeal to those active job seekers and to better position your brand as a company who doesn’t stop simply because it is the silly season.

However, make sure that you have a balance in your marketing activities – if you appear to be all work and no play, that can also discourage candidates. Use your social media channels to highlight any yuletide initiatives you have running over the Christmas period.

4. Better options

When the market is saturated with jobs and job seekers, the active candidate pool can be diluted by less than ideal candidates. By targeting talent in December, you could appeal to the driven job seeker who stays switched on over the period and is on the lookout for that next opportunity.

True go-getters don’t go to sleep over the Christmas period, and these high achievers are the ones you want on your team.

5. Get Maximum Business Value Out of New Staff

A new starter in December means the new team member can get the induction and training out of the way, get settled at their desk, while social events can help them get integrated into the team and form working relationships.

This means by January they can hit the ground running! By getting the ‘induction’ out the way early, your new employee will be fresh, integrated and ready to GO!

So, if you were hesitating to start the recruitment process in December – don’t! The results may surprise you.