Why Architectural Practices Should Hire Pre-Christmas, Not Wait Until January

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​The holiday season is fast approaching, and many businesses tend to put their hiring plans on hold until the new year. However, architectural practices may want to reconsider this approach, as hiring before Christmas can have several advantages.

Beating the Competition

Architectural talent is in high demand. By starting your recruitment process before your competitors do, you'll have a better chance of securing the best candidates. Top-tier professionals are often snapped up quickly, and by waiting until January, you risk losing them to other firms.

New Year, Fresh Start

Hiring new team members before the start of a new year brings a fresh perspective and renewed energy to your practice. It's an ideal time to align your goals, strategies, and project objectives with a team that is ready to take on challenges with enthusiasm.

Reduced Onboarding Time

By hiring before Christmas, you can significantly reduce the time required for onboarding. New team members can familiarise themselves with your projects, workflows, and team dynamics, so they're fully integrated and productive when work resumes in January.

Project Preparedness

Architectural projects often have tight deadlines, and the delay in hiring can impact project timelines. By hiring before the holiday season, you can ensure that you have a full team in place to handle the upcoming projects effectively and prevent any bottlenecks.

Time for Comprehensive Interviews

Rushing the interview process in January can lead to making hasty decisions. By starting the process early, you can conduct more thorough interviews, assessing candidates' skills, cultural fit, and long-term potential more comprehensively.

Showing Your Commitment

Hiring before Christmas sends a positive message to candidates. It demonstrates that your practice is proactive and committed to growth, which can make your firm more attractive to top talent.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday

Lastly, hiring before Christmas allows you to enjoy the holiday season without the added stress of impending recruitment. You can relax, recharge, and return in January with a full team, ready to hit the ground running.

Architectural practices should consider hiring before Christmas rather than waiting until January to benefit from a more extensive candidate pool, smoother onboarding, and a team that is fully prepared to tackle the challenges of the new year. The holiday season can be an ideal time to position your practice for success in the upcoming year.

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