Mastering Behavioural Interview Questions with the STAR Method

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Most of us have been asked behavioural questions in job interviews that encourage us to demonstrate our skills and thought processes. Whether this comes naturally to you or not, the STAR Method may help you ace your answers and ensure you get the relevant information across effectively.

What is the STAR Method?


Describe the specific situation or context you were in. Include some background information to give the interviewer a clear understanding of the scenario, but don’t go overboard.


Outline the task or challenge you were faced with in that situation. What goal or objective were you trying to achieve? Define the problem or opportunity that prompted your actions.


Detail the actions you took to address the situation or accomplish the task. Focus on your specific contributions and decision-making process. Highlight the skills and competencies you utilised to overcome obstacles.


Ensure you share the outcomes of your actions. What were the results of your efforts? Quantify your achievements whenever possible and emphasise the positive impact you made.

Tips for using the STAR Method

  • Anticipate common behavioural interview questions and brainstorm relevant examples from your past experiences. Tailor your stories to showcase key skills and competencies required for the role.

  • Be specific and concrete, while avoiding vague or generic responses. Use concrete details and metrics to quantify your achievements and demonstrate your impact.

  • Stay focused and avoid going off on tangents.

  • Be honest and authentic, including any relevant challenges or setbacks you have encountered.

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