What Work-Life Balance Looks Like in 2024 According to Victorian Companies

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Our 2024 PACE Report has highlighted some interesting workplace trends for work life balance. It’s fair to say that change is always happening. Here’s what Victorian companies are doing about work life balance:

  • 73% of companies offer health and wellbeing initiatives, up from 69% last year.

  • 40% of companies expect their employees to be in the office 3 days per week, and 29% expect them to be in the office four days per week, both of which are predicted to increase in the future.

  • Of the companies working hybrid, 46% require staff to be in the office on specific days, this is down by 2% compared to 2023.

  • Property is most flexible with 89% of companies reporting they don’t require staff to work on specific days.

  • It seems that the positives of hybrid working, that companies were seeing previously are now wearing off. Only 35% of companies reported that hybrid working has a positive effect, compared to 43% last year.

  • The construction industry reported the hybrid working as having the most positive effect of on productivity at 50%.

  • While according to our Employee insights survey, 53% of employees state that work/life balance is an important factor that would keep them in their current role.

For more insights on flexibility and benefits Victorian companies are offering, download the free 2024 PACE Salary and Market Report.

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