Aspect win the 2014 RCSA Corporate Social Responsibility award!

5675 Aspect Win The 2014 Rcsa Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Aspect are extremely proud to be the recipient of the 2014 RCSA Corporate Social Responsibility award, announced at the 2014 RCSA Gala Ball.

Sponsored by FastTrack, the award recognises excellence in CSR achievements for businesses in on-hire, recruitment and workforce consulting.

Aspect’s submission revolved around our CSR “mission” – a collection of brilliant ideas from our staff as to how we can have a positively impact on those in the community around us. Our staff’s passion makes this mission self-evolving.

Some examples of recent brilliant ideas include:

  • Measuring and successfully offsetting 100% of our carbon output and becoming officially Carbon Neutral.

  • Continuing to help our friends at St Mary’s House of Welcome serve food to the disadvantaged every week.

  • Publishing and selling a market and salary survey where 100% of the proceeds are donated to charity.

  • Successfully challenging our clients to raise over 1000 articles of corporate clothing to assist disadvantaged women find and keep work.

Aspect’s business strategy defines a responsibility beyond economic performance and legal compliance. We feel the ongoing success of our company depends not only a healthy economy, but a prosperous environment and community as well. We figure it makes good business sense to try and have a positive impact on all three!

For more information on Aspect’s CSR program, please contact Sara Fife via


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