Attracting and retaining employees in 2022 and how it affects you

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Aspect's MD, Matt Sampson, sat down with Paul O’Halloran from law firm Colin Biggers and Paisley, to discuss the ‘Great Resignation’ and how companies can best attract and retain staff. It’s the key topic in the recruitment world at the moment and we wanted to share some of the conversion highlights.

Attracting staff

Companies need to get proactive and clear around what is necessary for the role that they’re advertising. What skills and experiences are an absolute must have? And what skills would be great to have, but not a necessity? Perhaps those nice to have skills and experiences can be learned and picked up on the job.

For you as a candidate, this might mean knowing what these must have skills are and being open and excited to learn and expand your knowledge.

Employers can engage employees while working from home

With hybrid working here to stay, it’s important for companies to keep the energy and engagement of their employees high. We’ve all found working from home a drag at times, and Zoom gloom is a real thing. Being in large online meetings where we all have to listen, but don’t always have the opportunity to interact can leave us feeling fatigued, and possibly quite distant.

Some ideas you might want to share with your current or future colleagues to escape this disengagement while working remotely are:

  • Having more frequent and shorter updates – maybe a short weekly meeting with the manager to check in and get updates

  • Walking meetings/catchups over the phone – getting outside and not sitting in front of a screen can change the mood and create more engagement

  • Give colleagues shout outs when they’ve achieved something or done a great job

  • Ensure there’s strict boundaries around when it’s time for work and time to rest – many companies are making sure their employees are logging off at 5pm every day to avoid people working overtime and burning out

Change in career attitudes

By now we’re all across the ‘Great Resignation’, we’ve even written about how we think it’s more of a ‘Great Realignment’, and this is still an area of interest for all companies, and you.

This year, 2022, is the year for you to advance your career. There’s an appetite for progress and avoiding the feeling of FOMO. We all want the sense of fulfillment from our roles, and often it can feel like we’ll only achieve that by looking at different companies, but it pays to look within your current employer. This is especially worthwhile as many companies are rethinking what the culture and perks of the business are, and how they can keep their employees happy.

If you’re interested in learning more about what was discussed during the Webinar, you can watch it here.