Marking Woman in Construction Week

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Women in Construction Week is this week (6-12 March)

Why aren’t we seeing more women in construction? And what can we can do to help?

Research by the Victorian Government found that the number of female students enrolled in construction and trade courses is rising, however with most apprenticeships taking four years to complete, currently there's still not a great number of women bringing these skills and qualifications into the industry. They also found that women are more likely to be employed in support positions, which correlates to our findings from our annual PACE survey, which found that in the past five years since the government launched their strategy, there hasn’t been much of an increase in women working in construction.

In the government’s strategy to get more women working in the construction industry they identified some key barriers:

    • Failing to promote construction as a viable career option

    • Many girls at school are steered more towards university than studying a trade

    • Gender stereotypes surrounding men’s work and women’s work

    • Workplace culture of construction which can often discourage women from wanting to work in that environment

    • Companies not always wanting to hire women because of the belief that it’s too difficult, especially when it comes to parental leave

These barriers can and must be overcome to achieve gender diversity in the construction industry. But can be done to encourage more women to work in this industry?

    • Informing girls at primary and high school about the avenues a career in construction can open

    • Highlighting and shining a spotlight on women who already work in construction at all levels

    • Educating companies on how to create an inclusive and welcoming culture

    • Governments funding apprenticeship and training for girls to go into construction

    • Championing women in the recruitment process

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) recently released their strategic plan to achieve 25% minimum female participation across all of the Australian construction industry by 2025. To find out more, head to their website.

To discuss how your company can work towards gender equality in your recruitment process, or for help with your job search within the construction industry, please contact one of our specialist consultants and we’ll be happy to assist.