How to Talk About Your Weaknesses in a Professional Setting

How To Talk About Your Weaknesses In A Professional Setting

​If you’re in a job interview or a performance review, there’s a chance you’ll be asked what your weaknesses are or what you need to improve on. Here’s some tips on how to speak about your weaknesses.

Know your weaknesses

It’s impossible to talk about your weaknesses without knowing them. Take some time to reflect on things you do well, and the things that you could work on before your review or interview. This may be easier for some people, but remember, we all have weaknesses.

Be honest but not too honest

You don’t want to lie and say something that’s not true or something you think they want to hear. If your response is, ‘I work too hard’, they’ll know it’s not genuine and that you haven’t really thought about it. However, if you say, ‘I need to work on setting boundaries’, that’s more concrete and more honest.

Keep them work related

It’s very unlikely that they’ll want you to refer to your personal weaknesses, like that it takes you 3-5 business days to reply to a friend’s text. Instead, make sure they relate directly to your work, and to your role.

Don’t prepare a script

No one wants to sound like a robot in a review or interview. While it’s definitely best to have some ideas about what you want to say, don’t prepare it word for word. Keep it natural and it’ll probably come across as more genuine.

Next time you’re asked about your weaknesses in a professional setting, you’ll be well equipped to tackle it like a pro.