Does Music Really Help You Focus While Working?

Does Music Really Help You Focus While Working

​A study conducted by the University of Birmingham found that background music increases efficiency. Sounds pretty good, right? Here’s some pros and cons of listening to music at work:

What’s the best type of music to listen to?

Research suggests that instrumental music is the best to help us focus. This can include classical, ambient and electronic music. It’s important that it doesn’t have any lyrics as this can be very distracting.

Some benefits include:

    • Improves focus and concentration

    • Drowns out distracting background noise

    • Enhances cognitive performance

    • Alters mood and emotions

    • Creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere

    • Helps with relaxation and destressing

    • Can make tasks that require prolonged concentration more enjoyable

Potential negatives:

    • Can be distracting if the music is too engaging or emotional

    • Can lead to decreased communication and interaction with colleagues

    • May not be suitable for all types of work, such as tasks that require verbal communication or careful attention to detail

    • Can be a source of conflict if others in the workplace have different music preferences

Next time you’re sitting down to complete a piece of solitary work, pop on some music and see if your concentration and mood improve. If you’re in the office, make sure to put on your headphones first. No one wants to be that person.