Is Being Too Nice Holding You Back in Your Career?

Is Being Too Nice Holding You Back In Your Career

​There’re only positives for being super nice, right? Well, maybe not. In some cases, being too nice may actually be detrimental to our careers. Here’s how to be more confident and assertive at work:

What are some negatives of being too nice?

  • May be taken advantage of

  • May end up overloaded with work, and possibly work that’s not within your role

  • Possibly have people take credit for your work

  • Unable to provide constructive feedback to people in your team

  • Could be overlooked for a promotion

We don’t want to go from being too nice, to being rude. Here’s some tips to help you not be too nice:

Know your value

Perhaps the reason you’re too nice is because you don’t fully understand your value to your company, your team, or yourself. Take a moment, or longer, to think about what you bring to your role and what you contribute. Keep this in mind for the future.

Be assertive

There may be conflict with a colleague, client and manager that you need to deal with. This is nerve racking for everyone, but can be made easier when we know how to approach it and not let it become a confrontation.

Get comfortable saying ‘no’

If you’re scared of saying no, you need to practice it more. You don’t have to say yes to every task someone asks you to do if you truly don’t have time or capacity to complete it.

Learn how to promote yourself

Once you know your value, it should be easier to promote your skills. Promoting yourself let’s others know that you know your worth.

Take things in your stride

The things that scare us, are exactly what we should be pushing ourselves to do. If there’s a task or conversation you need to have but are fearing it, take it on and know that you can do it.

Think you might be too nice at work? Give these tips a go and see if you’re treated any differently.