AI in Action - Current Workplace Trends and Future Impact

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​The data from our 2024 PACE Report indicates that AI technology is becoming an integral part of the workplace, with a growing number of organisations adopting and encouraging its use. While there are mixed feelings about its impact, particularly among employees, the overall trend points towards a more AI-centric future.

Let’s explore what companies in Victoria had to say about the use of AI:

Staff Using AI Technology –What approach are Victorian companies taking?

Over the past 12 months, organisations have shown varying approaches to the use of AI technology among staff.

  • While only 5% of companies prohibit the use of AI, a significant 52% allow it, and 5% even mandate its use.

Looking ahead to the next 12 months, the trends are shifting.

  • The percentage of companies allowing AI use is expected to increase to 63%, and those mandating its use will rise to 8%, indicating a growing acceptance and encouragement of AI integration within the workplace.

Type of tasks AI Technology is being used for:

AI technology is being adopted for various tasks within organizations, with administrative tasks seeing the highest usage.

  • Currently, 88% of companies use AI for administrative purposes, and 49% employ AI for technical tasks.

What is the forecasted impact of AI Technology?

Looking forward, the impact of AI technology on organizations is largely anticipated to be positive.

  • In the next 12 months, 46% of companies expect AI to have a positive effect, while 37% foresee a neutral impact. Only 2% predict a negative outcome, and 15% remain uncertain.

Industry Highlights

  • Engineering: 58% of companies predict a positive impact from AI in the next 12 months, the highest among all industries.

  • Architecture and Planning: 58% of companies currently allow the use of AI, leading in terms of industry adoption.

Employee Perspectives on AI Technology

When it comes to employees' experiences with AI technology, the past 12 months have shown a mix of engagement levels.

  • A substantial 64% of employees have never used AI for work tasks, while 6% have used it once, 23% occasionally, and 7% regularly.

  • Employees use AI predominantly for administrative tasks, with 75% engaging with AI in this area.

  • Looking ahead, employees have varied expectations about AI's impact on their careers. A third (33%) foresee a positive impact, 7% predict a negative effect, 42% anticipate a neutral outcome, and 18% remain unsure.

These statistics indicate that AI technology is still relatively new and uncertain for many people. However, as its use and familiarity increase, perceptions are likely to shift. It will be interesting to revisit these statistics next year to see how the landscape has evolved.

To learn more, download our 2024 PACE Report.