PACE is a completely not-for-profit project. Each year, we choose a charity that's focused on changing lives and bettering their community. With the help and generosity of our PACE community, to date we've donated well over $100,000 to deserving organisations.

2022 Charity partner – Alex Makes Meals

This year we pledged to donate 50 warm meals to Alex Makes Meals for every survey completed, and we’re thrilled to announce thanks to our PACE community, there are 6,600 meals going directly to young Australians suffering from food insecurity.

More about Alex Makes Meals

Alex Dekker started Alex Makes Meals as a Uni student during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020. Alex couldn’t visit his immunocompromised parents or his sister, who was working at a hospital.  ‍

Alex sensed the stress his sister was under and decided to make a meal for her and her workmates. His lasagne was a hit, so Alex kept on cooking for more people.‍

Alex Makes Meals was born!

​Now, Alex Makes Meals dedicates itself to easing food insecurity for homeless and disadvantaged youth by providing warm, tasty meals.

Presently, Alex Makes Meals: 

• Makes 3000+ meals a week 

• Delivers to 50+ locations 

• Has a team of 80+ volunteers

For more information, head to the Alex Makes Meals website.

Past charities

2021: Youth Projects - $8,250 Raised

Last year, PACE raised $8,250 for Youth Projects, an independent charity providing front line support to young people experiencing disadvantage, unemployment, homelessness, alcohol and other drug issues. Offering responsive and timely intervention, Youth Projects opens up pathways out of poverty and homelessness - breaking the cycle of disadvantage. They provide a complete wrap around, judgement-free service with a strong focus on respect, client-centred care and harm prevention, enabling each person to lead a longer life, have improved health, meaningful employment and a sense of belonging, safety and security through a holistic model of care.

2020: Syndromes Without A Name (SWAN Australia) - $13,432 Raised

In 2020, PACE raised $13,432 for Syndromes Without A Name (SWAN Australia), a not-for-profit organisation supporting families who have a child with an undiagnosed or rare genetic condition. SWAN children are unique, and nobody can predict what the future holds for them. PACE helped to fund the the SWAN Siblings Program – providing additional support to siblings of SWAN children. The support group addresses feelings of isolation, teaching coping mechanisms and improving confidence. Most importantly it provides a network and safe place for siblings to share emotions guided by an experienced program leader.

2019: The Power of Engineering - $16,660.37 Raised

In 2019, PACE raised $16,660.37 for Power of Engineering whose purpose is to empower young people to embrace their creativity, diversity, and mindset and consider a career in engineering. PACE helped to fund the development of the 'Engineering In-A-Box' project which has adapted the signature Power of Engineering event, into a real world based classroom activity pack so the program can be run anywhere in Australia.

2018: One Voice - $17,184.35 Raised

In 2018, PACE raised $17,184.35 for One Voice, a Melbourne-based charity committed to restoring dignity by empowering young Australians experiencing homelessness. As a direct result of our contribution, One Voice fit out a woodwork shop in their new Life Restoration Housing Community 'Elevate'. Learn more here.

2017: One Heart Foundation - $16,152.00 Raised

In 2017, PACE raised $16,152.00 for One Heart, a not-for-profit organisation established in 2007 out of Australia to change the future of orphaned and abandoned children living in poverty in Kenya. The organisation was founded by Melbourne-based architect Dean Landy of Clarke Hopkins Clarke. As a direct result of our contribution, One Heart was able to start construction on the new One Heart school in Kenya. We are very excited to see our PACE science lab take shape in late 2017. Learn more here: Building a classroom for kids in need

2016: Variety The Children's Charity- $11,252.94 Raised

In 2016, PACE raised $11,252.94 for Variety, a national organisation committed to empowering Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged, or have special needs overcome the obstacles they face and live life to the fullest. As a direct result of our contribution, Variety gave a grant for a mobility scooter, allowing a young student to continue attending school with her friends. Learn more here: Changing Anna's Life

2015: The Summer Foundation- $11,803.85 Raised

In 2015, PACE raised $11,803.85 for the Summer Foundation, which funded the "Summer in Winter" luncheon. The event raised more than $46,000 for the organisation and paid for two apartments to be fitted out with technology for young people living in nursing homes, allowing them to control doors and lights via an iPad. Get an inside look into the Summer Foundation's inspirational work here.

2014: YGAP- $10,004.62 Raised

In 2014, PACE raised $10,004.62 for YGAP.

Our contribution helped the organisation in its goal to empower communities disadvantaged by poverty and allow them to become self-sustainable. 

2013: Habitat for Humanity Australia- $13,017.50 Raised

In 2013, PACE raised $13,017.50 for Habitat.

Our donation funded a sustainable living program, along with health, education, water, and livelihood training.