Tis The Season To Be Giving!

2228 Tis The Season To Be Giving

​Having volunteered with St Mary’s House of Welcome for the past 9 months, Aspect has developed a strong relationship with both the organisation and their clients. As such, it seemed only appropriate to give them a Christmas gift.

Knowing about the weekly pool competition that SMHOW participate in, we thought to find a present that would give the team a competitive edge. Working with Aussie Bush Cues (www.aussiebushcues.com.au), Aspect designed 2 customised pool cues for SMHOW and dropped them off to the team on Monday. Their appreciation for the gifts warmed our hearts and truly made it feel like Christmas!

We very much look forward to seeing the pool cues in action when we go down to support the SMHOW pool team in 2013!

To find out more about St Mary’s House of Welcome, and how you can help, visit www.smhow.org.au