Aspect – Free Falling

5660 Aspect Free Falling

When Aspect Personnel turned 5 years’ old, our staff were super generous and purchased Matt and I a Sky Diving experience.

We found a million excuses as to why we didn’t have time (none of which included being too scared), but a few weeks ago, we decided that 15 months was long enough. Time to book it in. The big day was scheduled – Saturday 10th May – yikes!

Trying to appear cool, calm and collected we ventured into St Kilda and presented ourselves at Skydive the Beach and Beyond at St Kilda marina. We were assigned our gear and quickly shuttled to Moorabbin airport – 5 anxious first time jumpers and 5 of the coolest instructor dudes you’d ever want to meet. Someone asked, “is it cold up there?” An instructor replied “yeah….but don’t worry mate, you won’t be worried about the cold where you’re going” Gulp!!

After a brief lesson and briefing we were ushered to our tight and cosy home for the next 15 minutes – the green plane with teeth for our climb to 14,000 feet, and perhaps our fate.

I somehow drew the short straw and was first to go. WOW!! I don’t think anything in the world could adequately explain or describe what I experienced for the next 60 seconds! Through the cloud at over 200km/hr towards the beach and the miniature and barely recognisable layout of St Kilda below. The chute pulled and we began our drift towards the ground. Laughing (and the occasional swear word) was about all I could manage. My instructor, Macca, laughed along with me. Made me wonder how many different reactions he’s seen doing this for a living!

Before long, we softly touched-down near Riva. I can honestly say that I have never been filled with so much adrenalin!

It was a totally amazing experience and Matt and I were so very grateful to have been given this opportunity by the Aspect crew. Thanks guys!!

More information on how and where to jump you can call Skydive the Beach and Beyond on 1300 663 634 or visit