Aspect announced as the 8th Coolest Company for Women in Australia

6693 Aspect Announced As The 8th Coolest Company For Women In Australia

​We are proud to be announced as the 8th Coolest Company for women in Australia!

Job Advisor’s “Coolest Companies” originally started with the search for Australia’s coolest tech company, but this year expanded their search to coolest company for women, looking for companies with a great story to tell.

The panel of judges this year were looking for companies who actively support equal opportunities, foster friendly working environments for women and have female employees who are proud to work them.

The panel of judges include:

  • Lisa Annese – CEO of the Diversity Council Australia

  • Karen Lawson – Former CEO of CareerOne

  • Ben Hutt – CEO of Search Party

  • Justin Babet – CEO of JobVibe

So, what makes Aspect a cool place for women to work?

At Aspect, we are a team. Regardless of our role within the company, we work together and we have each other’s backs. With help from our colleagues, Aspect supports all employees and encourages every one of them (irrespective of gender) to be the best they can be. Aspect’s leadership culture is one that genuinely cares about the success of its people, facilitates positive wellbeing initiatives, provides a strong training program for all staff and constantly assesses business practices to ensure continual innovation.

Aspect’s Operations Manager, Chantelle Polites, on this acknowlegdement: “I am proud to be a part of a forever evolving business that supports and challenges me in my career. I am excited to come to work every day, grateful for the opportunity to work with an amazing team of people, inspired to continue to build my career, and genuinely impressed by the positive impact Aspect has had on my overall wellbeing.”

This recognition compliments and reinforces Aspect’s position as the highest rated HR & Recruitment business in Australia, as reported by JobAdvisor.

Managing Director of Aspect, Matt Sampson, comments: “I’m incredibly proud that Aspect has been recognised as a cool workplace for women. For our business to create amazing experiences for our clients, we must first create amazing experiences for our staff. Over half of Aspect’s team are incredibly talented women who play a pivotal role defining Aspect’s brand, reputation and success. We are grateful for the recognition by JobAdvisor and absolutely committed to the continued development of our business culture and the individual careers of our female team members who help shape it.”

We’re thrilled to be named as the 8th Coolest Company in Australia for women, and will continue to keep innovating and evolving over the next year to hopefully increase our ranking!

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