10 things the Aspect team are looking forward to doing this summer

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We know that in the last weeks of the year, (especially a busy and tiring year) it’s easy to get stressed focusing on all the things that need to be completed before the break starts. However, don’t get forget to plan some things to be excited about during the break. 

To make sure you’re able to switch off, write a list of the top five tasks you need complete before the end of the year. Do your best to get these finished. At the same time, write a list of the tasks that will be most pressing when you get back into the office so you won’t spend your break stressing over forgetting an important task.

We’re looking forward to some time off where we can rest and refill our energy ready to come back to 2022 refreshed. Here are some things we’re looking forward to doing over the summer break:

I’m excited to take my 1-year-old daughter along to the Van Gogh exhibition at The Lume in South Wharf — a fully immersive digital art exhibition that’s recently opened in Melbourne. Van Gogh’s famous artworks are projected 360° onto the floor and walls, so you get to walk through his paintings, with scents and sounds introduced into the gallery space that add a sensory element to the experience. My daughter will absolutely love it!

In between trying on wedding dresses I’ll been joying eating good food. Such as finally getting to go to 400 Gradi - Mornington which opened a few months ago. I’ve been dreaming of their pizzas since August when I was meant to go for my birthday. 

I’ll be sitting with the Barmy Army for the Boxing Day Test and then travelling back to London to see my family for the first time in 2.5 years.

This holiday season, I'm hoping to get in the car with the family and head up to Canberra to catch up with some friends! Rather than take the Hume Highway, we're going to turn it into a bit of a road trip and head up the coast and explore some parts of Victoria and New South Wales we haven't seen before!

I’m looking forward to going to the Treasures of the Natural World exhibition that’s on at the Melbourne Museum. My friends and I have been wanting to go for months and want to see it before it ends in January. It’s the first time any of these pieces have travelled from the Natural History Museum in London to Australia!

I’m excited to be spending time with my mum (who hopefully is coming here from Finland) and my partner's family. Lots of beach walks with the dog, swimming, hiking and good food!

Spending the break trying as many new restaurants around the city as possible. There are too many to list them all, but some are:

  • Yakimono – Chris Lucas’ new Japanese diner on Collins Street is meant to imitate the feel of a neon lit Tokyo restaurant.

  • Nomad – beneath the Adelphi Hotel with a menu that’s centered around locally soured products and a wine list that promotes small Australian wineries.

  • Lillian Terrace – a Society restaurant that has a euro style menu and is found in an elegant and buzzing bar and restaurant

I can’t get home to Canada over the break, so my expat friends and I will be holding an ‘Orphan Christmas’. It’ll be a day full ofsocialisingand potlucks.  

I’m definitely excited to be going to my hometown in Regional Victoria to spend time with my family, water ski and relax by the lake in the sun!

We’ll be getting out of Melbourne and heading to play some golf at The Dunesand the Philip Island Golf Club. My sons are just learning to play, so it’ll mainly be teaching them. 

It’s more important than ever to take advantage of the break and get out and do the things we want to do. Whether that’s getting out of Melbourne, finally seeing that exhibition, or spending some quality time with friends and family. Ensure that you make the most of the break and the warmer weather, and come back to work re-energised for the year ahead.